Emma Elizabeth a singer songwriter from London.

“For me songwriting is a form of self therapy. It’s my way of making sense of the world around me and also dealing with the complicated emotions within myself.”

“Modern life with its unpredictable situations and unreliable people can be overwhelming at times. Around every corner are new challenges and endless uncertainty; all of which can feel quite painful sometimes. Moments like these can sometimes be better understood or people easier to let go of once you’ve written a song about them.”

“During the studio recording process my aim is to create an all immersive experience. Initially taking inspiration from nature within the song writing and lyrics and then later through the sounds sampled or created during the studio recording process.

“I want people to come out from listening to my music feeling as though they have changed somehow. Although maybe being left feeling a little vulnerable, there is also a silent reassurance that not all is lost.”

With songs filled with relatable lyrics that hit you hard accompanied by uplifting seas of vocal harmonies is the perfect mixture for music that takes you on a journey, leaving you feeling lighter than you were at the start.

Her first release of 2021 ‘Salt Water Acoustic’ was strongly influenced by the feeling of being in the ocean. After struggling with her mental health after the lock down, during a trip to Devon with her family she found comfort and strength within the nature surrounding her.

The song features the sound of rain falling on the tent that she slept in during her trip. It was recorded on her iPhone the night she wrote the song.

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